Convert from Outlook

I am currently using Outlook 365 with an Icewarp server. In order to use groupware I need to use the Icewarp Outlook Sync addin. eMClient automatically finds all the shared folders and makes them available. There are only a couple things I want to check before I make the leap and purchase a license (I have a total of 4 email accounts currently in Outlook).

  1. Does eMClient have any functionality like Outlook Quick Steps? I have a list of Quick Steps to move one or more email messages from 1 folder to another. I have seen the move to folder option but the complete folder list is presented to choose from. I have a very long list of folders and I would like to have a limited number of folders to choose from. I also like that you can place them in any order in Outlook.

  2. I have a lot of email rules in Outlook at the moment. I used the rules wizard to create them. I was lazy and never put them in the server which would have made sense. Is there any way to export them from Outlook to import into eMClient?

Thanks in advance for any answers.