Converstations list order

The new conversations are great. I would like to see an option to diplay older messages BELOW the most recent one, in decreasing order (most recent to oldest one) rather than the way it is now where they appear ABOVE the most recent message. I feel that the most recent message should always remain at the top. An option box to chose either above or below current message would be a great addition in my opinion… Thanks for considering this.

I would like to see that, too!

Would make things much easier.


We chose to display messages in the same fashion as Gmail does it. That said, we are considering an option to reverse this order for one of our upcoming updates, so stay tuned!

Thank you!  I would also like to see that option available. 

And to add to your comment, David, please don’t try to copy Gmail entirely.
I don’t use Gmail at all and don’t want most of their features. That’s why I use only IMAP providers other than GMail, Hotmail, Outlook and similar. Moreover I run my own Caldav and CardDav service on my local NAS for privacy concerns.


And David while you are on, pls. consider this… and my personal favorite…

Any progress on having an option to put the newest conversation on top?  The gmail style is very counterintuitive to me.