Conversations are set up backwards

I have my inbox ordered with most recent first.  The conversations are still organized with the oldest first.  Sometimes there is an unread email in the list, which could be a reply that I made or a message that I read from a mail alert.  The entry in the mail list shows the oldest unread message’s sender (best I can tell) so I can’t see that newer ones have also arrived.  I suggest that there be an option, perhaps automatic when the Inbox lists the latest message first, where the most recent conversation message is shown first, and where the most recent sender is shown in the mail listing.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the idea. We’re aware of this missing feature in eM Client and it is already being planned for implementation in the next version of the program. I’ll change this topic to Idea so other users can add their comments.


This is the same as the idea I proposed at

Anyway, you have my vote Bob.