Conversations and aliases


I’m a new user, and I’m trying to set everything up. Currently I have an email address that has an alias, and people send emails to both addresses. In my conversations, the alias and the original address are treated as different people – so the conversation list gets cumbersome to say the least.

I thought I could simplify the conversation list of names in From column by clicking “Show conversations in message detail only” but that took away all indications that the email was part of a conversation – the message count column was deleted and there’s no icon that indicates a conversation. The From is simplified to the latest sender, but that’s the only benefit.

Is there a way to set up aliases so this doesn’t happen? Or is there a conversation setting that shows a conversation icon or allows the message count column to remain?


Not sure I understand.

Do the senders send the same individual message to both addresses?

Let’s say gideunz@email is my email address, and I have an alias that is dr.gideunz@email. Most people will email me at gideunz@email, but some at dr.gideunz@email. When I reply from gideunz@email, the conversation listing is “Friend, Other Friend, me.” When I reply from dr.gideunz@email that email shows up in the the conversation as another person: “Dr. Gideunz, me, Friend, Other Friend.”

I hope that makes sense.

OK, thanks for clarifying. That makes sense.

In the message list, messages from you are displayed as ME if there is an account associated with that address. Unfortunately, aliases are not handled in the same way, so display the name or address for the alias instead.

I changed this to a feature request.