the display of e-mails for conversations does not always allow to group messages under a single voice.
I think that depends on the fact that (in Italy) the abbreviations for a response message can be both “Re:” and “R:”; the same thing applies to forwarding, which is abbreviated as “I:” or “Fw:”.
Is there any way to modify and / or correct the rules so that the archiving is correct?

No way to fix it?

Hi Antonio,

This might be the cause but unfortunately, you’re only able to affect how your replies/forwards will look like. You can’t affect the received subjects and then the message will be listed into a new conversation.


Ok, but is it possible to add / create a rule for recognise that “I:” / “Fw:” (or “R:” / “Re:”) is not a new object of a conversation?

I would notify conversation rules dosen’t work correctly

Conversations are grouped by headers that point to other messages that are replies or forwards of an original message. The headers are Message-ID: References: In-Reply-To: etc. 

So you can reply to a message, and completely change it’s subject, and it will still be grouped in the conversation because it points to the original message in the header. The subject line is not that important. 

But some messages won’t group, especially those from some tech support groups like eM Client Support. That may be because the ticketing application does not properly reply to a message by inserting the correct headers. Rather it creates a new message with the correct subject, but that is all. Subjects alone do not make a conversation.

You will need to check the messages that aren’t grouping by looking at their message headers. 

I understood process and gripping.
But I don’t why a group of messages that are not header changed are splited, as per my previous image.
I’m sure everybody replies directly

If the messages have headers that make them a conversation, but they are not grouped, then it may be that the database is corrupt. You can right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead.