How to set the conversation view in a tree, like as Outlook. Please take into account that usually I have 5-10 reply for each email. Therefore is simple with Outlook to view the history in a tree, instead a list as eM Client

For better or worse, eM Client took the Gmail approach to conversations and it cannot be changed.

That’s a pitty because the conversation overview as it is now implemented in em Client is very confusing. In outlook and even in Thunderbird you can see in the inbox the history of a conversation and by clicking on the respective mail you see its content. The conversation view in em Client is a reason for me to move away from emclient back to thunderbird. Pitty is that I have bought already three licenses, damn.

I guess it’s all about personal choice.  I find the Thunderbird indented tree stuff really confusing and prefer the eM Client approach.

I don’t dislike this approach, just one little stupid thing… the conversation is not showing my LAST email: if my sender answers it comes up… annoying. Any idea?

If your last email was a reply to a message in the conversation, then it should be included in the conversation. However, simply starting a new message with the same subject does not make it a part of a conversation as the requirements include subject, in-reply-to and references quoted in the message header.