Conversation View, Folder Sent / Sent Emails, Folder Trash


because of many EMails we need the Conversation View switched On, same as in Thunderbird “Grouping”

Now the following trouble:

If a customer writes an EMail and i awnser and delete the EMail from the Customer, my sent EMail is in Trash (?!).
If i write the Customer an EMail, than my sent EMail is in folder Sent (as expected)

If i emtpy my trash, all sent mails are gone (!!!).

So with Conversation View on its nearly impossible to have an overview what EMails sent.

They are whether in Folder “InBox” (if the Customer has awnsered) >> ok.
 Sometimes in folder sent (if we write directly to the customer)
 Sometimes in folder trash (if we awnser to an EMail and delete the incomming Mail)
 Deleted (if someone deltes the trash) and gone. Thats horrible to not know what sent to someone.

Additionally I cannot look into my Sent folder to see what i sent today.

Any ideas or hints how to use?

Thx for an Awnser,
Best Regards, Daniel.

Hi Daniel.

I think this is a peculiarity with Conversations, either the wrong email or whole conversation is being deleted, or the user is misinterpreting what they are seeing.

If you have written to someone and they have replied, if you select the conversation in the message list and delete, it will delete the whole conversation including sent emails. If you want to delete only the customer’s email, you need to select and delete it in the message pane.


So clicking on the delete key will delete the whole conversation. Or right-click on the conversation in the message list (red arrow) will delete the whole conversation. What you want to do is right-click on your original email in the message pane (green arrow) and choose delete.

I think this will resolve your other issues.

Hallo Gary,

thanks - thats working. That solves our major problems.

But: i think thats a really bad behavoir. U should change this or there should be a question.

* If i get an email i can delete it and everything is ok. (Actually)
* If i awser to it (so actually there is no conversation and additionally the message-count is zero) and delete it my sent is also deleted! Sure i can use the delete u described also for non-conversation and thats working always. So not the delete button is standard but the user has to use always the way u described to be sure deleting only the one email he actually is seeing in his preview.
* I think a good standard would be:

  • delete always deletes the Message (in case of only one incomming and one awnser)
  • the Popup has a item “delete conversation” or if there are dependend emails > there should in every case be a question “delete all” or “delete one”. if “delete one” than the sent emails should be put back in folder sent as well as the other recevied emails should be put back in the previews folder.: additionally i have the following scenario:
    ++ i have many projects. if i recieve an email to a projekt i awnser and move the email to the special folder. if the customer awnsers my email is moved out of my folder back in inbox. So now its possible for me to delete the “Ok” awnser of my customer without deleteing all the conversation but after this i have to put back the email manually in my projekt folder.


Sorry, I referred to deleting your original email in my comment above, instead of referring to deleting the customer’s original email.

Understood what u mean, as written thats working that far.

But as written:

  1. If there is no Conversation (get one email, awnser and than delete only this one email)
  2. my example with different folders

Are also very ugly to handle.


If you have moved a message to a project folder, when the customer replies your message is not moved back to Inbox. It is simply included in the conversation this is in the Inbox (where the newly received email is). You email is still in the project folder.

I think a pop-up to confirm deleting a conversation is an excellent idea!