Conversation View Enhancement

I know this has come up before when 7.0 initially was released, but I want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves, or shot down because nobody thinks it’s a problem.

In the current conversation view in the message list (all views), conversations are grouped together on one line, which is fine. However, when a new mail comes into that conversation, the entire line is made bold (that is, all participants names are now bold) and you cannot easily see who the mail is coming from.  There are two ways this can be solved:

  1.  Bold only the name of the sender.  This is constant with the Gmail approach, which is seems eM Client is striving to emulate or

  2.  On the message line, only print the name of the sender.  This is kind of the approach on many mobile clients like Outlook for IOS/Android.

Although either would be acceptable, I would prefer option 1.  I realize there is the option to include the conversations only in the message detail, but I do like the combination of messages in the list.

Thanks for supporting this issue.

I would also go with option 1.