Conversation view displaying random messages

Let’s say I get a new message that is part of a conversation. I click on the conversation in the Message List panel (the one in the centre). It opens the conversation in the Message Content panel (the one on the right), but instead of displaying the last (=newest) message, it displays a random message in the middle of the conversation.

This is extremely annoying, because it’s sort of obvious that I need to see the latest message at this point. As a result, I have to scroll down through the whole conversation to get to the new message.

If the messages in the conversation are long and/or contain quotations from previous emails, it is a very long process so very often it entails first having to find a message header, right click on it, choose “Collapse All Messages” and only then being able to relatively quickly scroll to the bottom.

Is there a way to make sure that eM always displays the newest message when you click on a given conversation in the message list panel?

It should open to the oldest unread message in the conversation. Once you have read all the messages, then next time you receive a message in that conversation, that is what will be displayed.

Thanks, that might be it. A follow up question is: eM doesn’t show which particular messages in a conversation are unread, does it?

What I mean is: obviously the whole conversation is marked as “Unread” (boldface font) in the message list panel if there is at least one unread message in the whole conversation. But when looking at the actual messages shown in the right-hand side panel, it’s impossible to tell which one is unread, isn’t it?

In other words, in order to see which particular message in the middle of a conversation is still unread, I would have to switch off the conversations view, then be able to find the unread (=boldface) message in the message list panel (the one in the centre), mark it as Read, then switch back to conversations view… Or am I missing something?