Conversation mode slowing everything down in v.8

I’ve been using eM Client for about 4 months (one month free and three months Pro), having migrated from Outlook because of the expense of the latter. I thought everything was okay, so I gladly shelved out for the Pro version, and I got my wife to migrate and go Pro too. We’re both using the Pro (for Individuals) v. 8.2.1473.

Everything was fine,… except that it was excruciatingly slow. Not only was the program slow, it slowed down my entire machine. I would start the program, and then do other stuff because I couldn’t use a browser, word processor, or any other program because when eM Client was starting, all my computer’s resources would be taken up. If I put my computer to sleep, on resuming it would be several minutes before I could use the computer again while eM Client caught up to speed.

My wife was having the exact same problem, so I started looking for an alternative while at the same time looking to see what was causing the issue. Today (end-August 2021) I came across a 2020 thread where someone suggested that in v. 8 switching off conversation mode would speed up the program.

I did that and the difference to my entire machine is like night and day. Only thing is, I like conversation mode as it simplifies my life. Can anyone suggest how I can keep conversation mode on without having eM Client hijack my entire system and bog me down?

The conversation mode slowing other programs etc was fixed some time ago.

As you have a recent version of eM Client then that shouldn’t be an issue.

Do you run Mechanical or SSD (Solid State) drives. Also how much Ram do you have on yr computers.

Hi. Thanks for responding.

I can only attest to my experience, and the slowing of the system definitely has been occurring on my machines, and in each case it stopped when I turned off conversation mode. The machines are both x64, and a core i5 in my wife’s case and a core i3 in my case. Both are running mechanical drives, and each has 4 GB of RAM.

Both are running mechanical drives

Mechanical hard-disks can cause slowness running big programs especially when they get older where the internal cache sometimes starts to get faulty, as well as not enough system ram.

The problem with only having 4GB of ram is that the OS (like Win 10) pretty much uses most of that 4GB ram and leaves very little for the actual programs. So you can then end up going into virtual ram which is very slow.

So would reccomend to upgrade to an SSD drive like an eg: (Samsung EVO) and min 8 GB Ram. The more ram the better things usually run too.

I personally have an i7 cpu, SSD & 16GB ram. My bro also has the same except only 8GB ram, and both systems have no slowness in Conversation view.