Conversation Message Limit?

Is there a conversation message limit in eM Client?

Version 8.2.1473

I have a conversation of 69 emails and the client just doesn’t like it. It grinds to a halt. I have to close the application and restart it. Even when the conversation finally does resolve it’s so laggy. Surely the conversation feature should handle 69 messages without an issue.

Any ideas?

martes 14 septiembre 2021 :: 1422hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @James21

I have just checked in Pro Support and there is no mention of a limit.
You are not using the latest version of eMC maybe an update to the latest version of eMC will help:

Failing that:
What OS do you have?
Does your system use HDD or SSD?
What is the spec of your system?

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

First thing I tried was the built in update tool … it told me I was up to date, so go figure!