Conversation Colouring in reading pan

  1. In reading pan conversation should have different color showing incoming or outgoing messages.
  2. When there are 2 or 3 emails in a conversation it is easy to handle it but when more, then after opening complete thread (in reading pan) it becomes a clutter. I believe you should provide numbering of emails in expanded conversation and also in collapsed one to show the sequence how the conversation is happening.
  3. In addition to numbering, opened emails should also have different colors.


Thank you for your input and feedback. I forwarded all of your suggestions to our devs and they’ll be on it.


One step forward in that direction would be using textual ‘avatars’ instead of those anonymous  grey shades for email accounts with no contact assigned or contacts with no image attached. Like Google does in Inbox or K@Mail on Android.

Sorry Mr. Jorg/ Mr. David, I appreciate your efforts and customer service.

I dont know what is textual avatars but in any case to avoid clutter, when we have more emails in a conversation, numbering should be there according to the sequence + visually one should differentiate. because, this, i have experienced several times especially when group is emailing each other, it is time consuming to sort out latter on who has written after whom. May be my sense of reading is not as good as that of others.

sorry to mention here, that outlook thread is quite comfortable at least for me, but in emc7/ gmail views when one opens all emails of a conversation it usually becomes a mess, thats why I am emphasizing on such type of illustrations.

I like your product very much and if I request that provide outlook type thread view it would be very much helpful for persons who are sitting in offices and are very much satisfied with outlook. I have discussed often with colleagues about the difference in outlook and gmail thread view and they voted for outlook. So I can say that you should also think to provide an option for thread view in message list pan to catch outlook users.

sorry for referring other client at your website.


PLUS in the above picture you can see that date and time is missing in third email.

Those are textual avatars created by the client automatically because it did not find an image / log in the contacts.

Thanks Mr. Jorg, I got it.