Continuous error messages

Hi. EM Client keeps sending me a message of error, and I don’t know if it’s unable to send the message or if the message has been sent and the receiver has rejected it… It says “Cannot send message (email body not accepted… due to a permanent exception with message…” Thank you for your help!!

From the information given, I would say that the server has rejected the message for some reason.  To see if it has been sent, see if it is in sent items.  If yes, it has been sent.  If no, it should be sitting in the outbox.  The outbox is a local folder, so to see it, right-click on the words “Smart Folders”, click on “Display” and make sure “Outbox” is checked.  If it is in the outbox.  Delete it, as items stuck in the outbox can keep subsequent messages from being delivered.

Thank you very much. Yes, they were stucked in the outbox and I was just about to delete them, but at the next day the program sent them correctly after changing the subject. Thanks.