Context menu entry "edit" for completed mail-addresses when composing

The mail-addresses in the compose window get “fixed” after hitting space, tab or enter. In order to correct a typo afterwards there is no straightforward way to do that. There is a context menu that has options like “undo” or “copy address” - why not add a simple “edit” to that, maybe even replace that “undo” with “edit” since “undo” is rather confusing: It undoes the last action on the unfinished address, but if that action was writing the address it simply removes ist.

“edit” would simply make the address editable again and make any “undoing” manually available. But in case there is a scenario where “undo” makes any sense, of course the “edit” could simply be added to that menu - I kind of expect it to be there and am rather irritated by - rather redundant - options like “delete” in there instead. :slight_smile:

I already suggested the same (and many more) recently.

Yeah I know - I took this one out of your list, put it into a new thread and got more specific about how this could be solved… :wink: I figure / hope it might get more attention this way…

Absolutely makes sense. Current way is to copy the mail address into the body. Correct it there and than copy it back up to the address. Makes it more complicated than necessary. Also would be great if you want to copy for example just a part of the mail address for use elsewhere (i.e. copy a long complicated domain name out of the mail address to look it up on the web)

I believe the current version does support this (I just tried it and it worked).  After you enter the address and hit [tab] or whatever, you can go back to that address and double-click it.  This will allow you to edit or copy a portion of the address.

Is this what you are looking for?

You can simply click once on the address, then edit as normal.

I think technically you are correct.  You must first select the address by clicking on it and the single click again to edit.  If you just click on the address once, it will overwrite.

Right you are Jay. It is actually two clicks, but not a double click.

YES, this is it, thanks. Why did I not see this…?
But it is one click on the address block and than another on where you want to change it.
So 2 clicks, but NOT a double click. A double click opens my address book with the contact entry.

It’s funny you mention that.  When I first tested it, a double-click worked (no really-- it did).  But after Gary’s message I went back, checked and a double-click opened the contact as you mention.

I think I’m just crazy.  But glad you’re OK.