Contents of emails cannot be displayed

I have a problem with displaying the contents of emails, which cannot be displayed until the application will be online.
When I click on one email, which says “download the message. Because this application has not been connected to the server, the message was not downloaded yet.”
When I click on “download the message” link, it changes to the one - “the message will be downloaded when the connection goes on line.”

I tried to send a new email to my email address, but cannot receive it, and the email is kept in the sending tray in the local folder of the application.

This condition remains the same for quite a while. I don’t know when it becomes normal again.

Please let me know how to fix it.


If you have setup an eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud accts this is caused by a few reasons “as is normal” when you are (Not online). No emails normally do display as is cloud mail and not local.

Another reason too is that “you are not actually online” or have “no valid internet connection” at the time when trying to read email, so eM Client program goes into (Offline mode).

So check if you have a tick via “Menu / File / Work offline”. If there is click it and close and reopen eM Client when you are next on the Internet.

Or your eM Client is not activated so click “Menu / Help / License / Activate”. See if it’s activated or will also not send and receive emails.

Lastly if it was activated and you haven’t been connected to the internet for 14days it may have deactivated. See extract from below thread.

Oct '20

eM Client needs to be connected to the internet (online) to be activated and needs to connect to the licensing server once every 14 days at least to continue working, otherwise, the program will turn to and work only in offline mode

None of your suggestions did not work with my eM Client.

If you are then “definitely connected to the Internet and can “browse websites ok” and you have only just setup eM Client”, then next try uninstalling eM Client and reinstalling the latest version of either V8 or V9 (Beta) via the version history page and try again.

If this issue has only just happened recently and been working ok previously, then backup eM Client first (before uninstalling) via “Menu / Backup” and don’t delete the database when asked on uninstall.

Failing that if you have any optional installed eg: Antivirus programs, Firewall / Security programs or VPNS etc, try completely disabling those (to test) if causing the issue.

THank you for your advice. However, I do not need to proceed with them.

I have just noticed this extra-message that suddenly appeared above eM Client, meaning like “Without the pro license, it cannot have more than 2 e-mail accounts installed and function”.

With mine, which is a free version, I have setup 3-email accounts, and this seems to be the cause of the problem. Then, I have deleted all of them, and set up only 2 required the most, these 2 accounts are functioning okay.


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