Contents / F1 only shows help pages with XML code.

Hello, can you tell us what vesrion of eM Client and Windows OS do you use?
Do you have eM Clienstalled in standard path (c:/Program Files/eM Client)?


The version is 3.0.10206.0.

I use Windows 7.

eM Client is installed in standard path.

Anything new about this issue?

Wouldn’t it be easier for you and the users if you replaced the HTML Help (F1) with a link to a help sub page on at Help > Contents in eM Client ?

Hello Martin,
I suppose that you received my ticket answer but to be sure: Can you please try to download kchmviewer tool from… and associate .chm files with that viewer? You should be able to read our manual then. eM Client manual is located (default) at c:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Docs\ .

Hello Gabriel,

Thank you that helped a lot - now the text is viewd correctly.
But the kchmviewer does not show images.

I have found this pages…
but I don’t know where I find the qtconfig to go to Library Paths tab

We will resolve it as ticket 3151 in our official ticket support system.

kchmview does support images. But it could be a Win7 issue. Try this software:…

Alternatively if you don’t mind doing some registry editing:

This will allow your native Win7 helper to view all types of CHM help file that is stored locally.