Content of my email message does not show

Quite irregularly, I will receive an email and the name of sender and subject line will show but not the content of the email. This only happens with my eM client. When I look on my other computer using Thunderbird, the content is visible. Do you have any idea what may be causing this?

James Turk

Below is a screen shot:

Is the email just normal pictures and text or does it have any specific thing in the email body or background ?

Is the sender using any particular mail client and if they send the same email from eg: webmail can you read it and see it ok in eM Client ?

Also are you using eM Client for Windows or Mac and what version are you using. You can check the version via “Menu / Help / About”.

Sometimes it can be the specific type of email non standard client mailer that needs a specific plugin or mailer at the receiving end to read it. Thunderbird has alot of optional mail support plugins to read emails that are sometimes non standard. Be interested to know if they send it via webmail if you can read it.