I have a contact list in eMClient, however when I prepare an email in eMClient and sometimes when select a contact, names and email addresses appear which are not actually in the list on eMClient.but are of persons I have dealt with previously.

I would like to know from where else these contact details are listed if not in eMClient?

Usually they are contacts stored in the Recipient History, which you can configure and edit in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History.

Thanks for the suggestion and illustration I need to check it out in more detail

I wonder if there is a possibility eM Client is also looking at my Windows 10 contact list. I can see an address in my Windows contact list which is not in my eM Client contact list. However when I prepare a new email it picks up this particular address even though it is not in my eM Client contact list. I need to somehow sync my eM Client list with my Windows 10 contact list so that they contain the same information.

No, eM Client does not look at Windows 10 Contacts, but you can sync both Windows People and eM Client to the same account. Fortunately they both support the same options right out of the box.

In Windows:

In eM Client:

For Contacts and Calendar in eM Client, just setup the email account and it will automatically add them.


Many thanks for the advice in particular the Recipient History, I cleared my recent history and the rogue email addresses which I had concerns about  have finally gone.

I’ve also had a good clear out of the contact lists on both eM client and also my Web Email.