eM Client like it fine. I miss the ability to get contacts to form groups. With that group, I mean ’ merge multiple contacts in a group ’ and once you click on that group than those who collected contacts in, for example, the text field ’ name '.

If you right click on “My Contacts”, you see several options.

 I only see:  email, agenda, tasks, contacts and widgets

You don’t look at the right place
Choose from main on left (Mail,Calendar, Tsks, Contacts) Contacts then under your email address, Contacts and right click there on Contacts and choose what you need.

Sorry, it is in dutch, but maybe you can show me what I do wrong. I can not find what you mean.

You can group contacts in a few different ways depending on your needs.

  1. By using categories. Right-click on the contact and choose Category (Categoriseren). You can then sort your contacts by category so they will show in their separate groups.

  1. By using a distribution list. Select all the contacts you want to group, then right-click and choose Create Distribution List (Distributielijst aanmaken). That will create a new “contact” containing all the names and addresses that you can use as a mail recipient.

  1. By using separate folders. Right-click on your contacts folder and choose New Contact Folder (Nieuwe contacpersonen map). Then you can move the required contacts to that folder.

 Thanks. Choice 2 is exactly what I mean. I have tested it and it works. Thanks again.