hi !

how can i stop that em-client stores contacts automatically out from my conversations ?    

thansk kurt

Hi Kurt,
go to Tools>Settings>Mail>Compose and in Recipients History uncheck the option to ‘Store composed mail recipients for suggestion’.
You can also click the button ‘Clear recipients history…’ to remove the contacts that have been saved until now.


thank you fo your explanations !
but i’m afraid that my question was not precise enough
its very comfortable to find the recepients of recent mails but i do not want them to be
stored in my contact-list automaticaly - i prefer it to decide by myself whether or not to store
specific contacts

so my question is/was if it possible to avoid contacts to be automatically stored in the contact-list ? 

Hi Kurt,
unfortunately that is not something eM Client is doing, but what your mail server is doing for you.
If your mail server does not offer an option to deactivate this behaviour then eM Client can’t change it, it only synchronizes with the contacts from your server.


yes - you are right – i found it in Googles Settings

thank you !