Does anyone know how to add an email address from an incoming message to the Contacts list?

Right click on the email address and choose “Add Contact”.

I would like to add the senders of some of my email to my contacts list. When I follow your advice and right click on the sender, there is no “Add contact” in the context menu. Russell Farris,

Did you right click on the address in the message pane? My context menu shows Add Contact and if I hover the mouse over the address a popup shows Add to Contacts.

I’m using version 6.2.20154.0.

Thanks for the info, Larry. I was right clicking on the sender in the message list, not the name on the message. I just started using eM Client a few days ago.

I had the same question as Russell.  Thanks for the help.  One note, the new contact does not have the “File As” field filled in to if you want to look up the new contact by last name chances are it is filed by the email address, not name of the person.  Also, I tried drag and drop from the email to the contacts and while it does create a new contact, emclient crashes with a fault message and has to reboot.

Hi Steve, if the application crashes can you copy the crash log that’s shown if you click on “More info”? What version of eM client are you currently using?

Thank you,