Contacts with photos extremely large


I use eM Client version 8.2.1473.

The contacts with photos are way too large and cannot be synced with iCloud.

For example, jpg image (size 58 KB) boosts the contact’s vcf file to 727 KB. You can check this behaviour with any image. I used the smallest image from here:

How can one fix this in eM Client?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, this has to do with your sample image which is extremely large: 3569x5354 pixels.

Try reducing the image size. Cached avatars from the Internet are usually around 50x50 pixels.


Thanks for the reply!

I used the smallest pic (640 x 960) from the link, which is is only 58 KB large. Still the total size of the vcf file was 727 KB (12 (!) times larger than the image).

I also tested with 50 x 50 pic, 1 KB size. The result was similar - the vcf file was 10 KB (10 (!) times larger than the image).

This seems like eM Client bug…

Any ideas if this can be fixed by the user?