Contacts vanish after editing

I am currently evaluating em client as a replacement for thunderbird.

All my contacts (and calendar) are stored on an owncloud server and sync via carddav to my desktop and mobiles. Setting up the account in em client worked just fine and now I have all my contacts visible in em client.

Unfortunately I ran into a rather serious problem. When I edit a contact that has an attached image as profile picture it vanishes in em client. When I check directly in owncloud the contact still is existent but the image is gone.

Now if I manually sync in em client the contact does not reappar eventhough (as said) its still in the cloud. What I need to do is to assign a new image in owncloud and afterwards sync from em client to have the contact back in the app.

When I edit contacts without image this does not happen.

However when I make minor changes to contacts (eg. adding a spouse) the display name which usually is “Lastname, Name” gets changed to “Lastname” only without me even touching that entry. When this happened I am not able to change it back inside of em client.

I have enabled logging for the carddav account and can mail the log if this helps but of course I do not want to post it on a public forum.

Any chance those issues are fixed in the current version 7 beta?

Kind regards