Contacts upload fails: "Contact not found"

Help - a Contacts upload bug in eM Client on Windows seems to have disabled my Android phone!

After editing some Contacts (including some of my Google contacts) in eM Client on Windows 10 and also using its “Dedeuplicator” tool, I repeatedly got errors related to the upload of contacts, saying “Contact not found” - see the image below. Program version is 7.2.36908.0

Shortly afterwards on my Android smartphone I found that the Contacts app crashed whenever I opened it and so did the Phone and Messaging (i.e. SMS) apps. I have been unable to resolve that. Was my Google contacts list corrupted?

In eM Client, remove the Gmail account. Then in your web browser, go to Google Contacts and reset to before the problem occurred.


Back in eM Client, add the Gmail account again.

Thank you @Gary. It seemed drastic but I have rolled back the Contacts by a week and got the Gmail account re-instated in eM Client.
Since then, I have not tried editing any of my Google contacts in eM Client, since I don’t know what caused the trouble. I edited some on Google, and they’ve copied through to eM Client.
The contacts have not re-appeared on my Android phone (after I removed them) but it seems to be working again!