Contacts tab missing on left side under mail tab after EM Client update. Can it be restored or downgraded?

Contacts tab use to be on left side along with mail, tasks and calendar. It is now missing after EM Client update on 1 October 2015. Can this tab be restored to the left side or can the version be downgraded or reverted to previous version? 

Hi Rose,
sounds like you just accidentally hid the tab. Please right-click any of the other items in the left side menu and you should see a drop down menu where you need to check Contacts to make them visible again.

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Tech support,

Regarding the ‘mail tab’ that is hidden.  Windows 2016 tablet doesn’t use a mouse I am not able to right-click in the field to activate the window to select ‘Mail’ in order for it to be viewed.  What is the alternative?