Contacts Sync

New contact in eM Client doesn’t sync to GMail whereas new contact in GMail does sync to eM Client? Does eM Client only sync one way?

Please check the “My contacts” folder in eM Client - it should synchronize all your contacts without any problems. 

Old post, but anyway…

What I’ve found is that if you create Contact in eMClient, you need to set Contact Category to ‘My Contacts’ otherwise it won’t sync with Google Contacts. If you look at a those that came from Google, think you’ll find this Category has been set at the Google end.

Hello Jim, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this issue. Note that the “My Contacts” category is a gmail label, and all your contacts are still stored in the “Contacts” folder on your gmail account, any contact synchronised with this folder should be available and synchronised with gmail - however since gmail is using labels, you might be missing the contact in the online interface if it doesn’t have any categories/labels setup.


That behaviour is annoying and I find the stubbornness to refuse to provide a way to automatically add contacts to the ‘My Contacts’ category incredibly arrogant. If you search through the forums, you see that that feature has been requested for the past 3 years.  The standard answer is always, it works the way it’s supposed to. It’s really simple, either let us choose the default category for a new contact, give us a check-mark in settings to automatically add to ‘My Contacts’, or just do it. SInce Gmail only syncs ‘My Contacts’ to devices, not adding contacts to that category is pretty pointless/

Hello Serge, using eM Client, you can see that all contacts are synchronised even with the main “Contacts” folder to which all labels or categories are child of, as you can see, gmail does not only sync the “My contacts” option, as all labels and folders are visible and available in eM Client - note that eM Client uses the exact same protocol and options other applications are using for sync.


The isue is not the syncing between eMClient and Google. The issue that keeps getting brought up ans the syncing between Google and Android devices. They inly sync contacts that are part of the ‘My Contacts’ group. All that keeps gettin requested is a way, in eMClient, to automaticlly add new contacts to the ‘My Contacts’ group.

This is not possible, it’s not a standard behaviour, we can’t automatically assign a random category to contacts. You have to add the label, if you want the contact to appear under that category.