Contacts sync error detail


I’ve just spent a considerable amount of time resolving a contacts sync error with a relative’s eM Client.   The message was “Unsupported mail address” but unfortunately it doesn’t say which contact was the problem (out of around 550).   I eventually solved it by turning on the diagnostics for Contacts AirSync and eyeballing the log.    It would have been considerably easier if it had just said “Unsupported mail address: mailto:[email protected]”.   Even better if it had listed all three bad mail addresses with a bit of additional context information like the “File as” name.

After reviewing other messages in this forum I can see that a few other people have had similar problems working out which specific record is actually causing a sync problem.   I’d like to propose that the sync error handling is enhanced with more detail.

It’s still a great product all the same though!

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Phil,

Thank you for reporting this. I changed your post to Idea so other users can comment it and I added this to our feature request list.