Contacts storage quota exceeded

I get a message saying my contact storage quota has been exceeded. I use Gmail.
But when go directly Gmail, I don’t get that message. So why does eM client think I am exceeding a limit when gmail doesn’t? And it’s not a message limit, it’s about the contacts. It reads " uploading items(s) to folder "… failed with an execution error: Execution of request failed : Https:// (storage quota exceeded)

Any ideas?


how many contacts do you have in the Google Contacts folder in eM Client? I believe the error message appears due to lot of contacts eM Client is trying upload to Gmail so try to check if you could reduce the number of contacts in eM Client (remove duplicities) and let me know if that helped. 

I have a total of 2,318
I know that’s rather a lot, but I use it for my work.
Do you know what the limit is?

Hi, the storage for contacts, setup by Google should be much bigger than that (about 25000 contacts).
Can you try what my colleague suggested, go through your contacts folders (i believe there’ll be more folders) and try to remove duplicates etc. if it helps.

You could also try right clicking the contacts folder and selecting Properties > Repair and hit the repair button.
Let me know if any of the above helps.

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I the same error message. Only I reduced down to 311 contacts, and Google Mail Web pages is displaying only the first 250 contacts.  My imap stored email is down to recent (2weeks) count… maybe 35 emails, all the rest is stored locally.  Can’t find a Google mail help contact number to question them!  Frustrating!

Can you make a screenshot of the error message?

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Yes, how do I attach it?

If you have the image on your computer, just click on the camera icon while replying here on the forum and upload the picture.

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