Contacts show twice in "Select contacts" dialog box

Next question re distribution lists. When I go to create or edit a distribution list (having found it…) and open the Select Contacts dialog box, almost every contact shows twice (and I can’t see any pattern yet for those few that don’t). Why is this?


PS…I don’t have contacts duplicated across multiple email accounts. There’s only one that has more than 5

Hello Neil, not quite sure what you’re referring to, can you make a screenshot of the issue and submit the screenshot to us here on the forum? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

What contacts synchronisation service are you using with eM Client?


Paul, here’s two screenshots. One shows the top of my Contacts list (names only to protect their email addresses). The other shows the top of the contacts list as seen when I do New Distribution list, Select Members (names only again). Note that almost all are duplicated: there’s two rows for each entry.

I’m using 6.0.22344.0 on Win 7 , up to date on maintenance. I’m syncing contacts with Gmail (contacts also sync from Gmail to my iPad (native contacts app) and Samsung Galaxy S5 (native contacts app). Ain’t life complicated…

I do see some subtleties that I can’t explain. Note that David Alexander appears in the Contacts list, but not Dave Alexander (same person). In the Select Members list, both appear once. That suggests to me that the Select Members list is being made up of contacts from two sources, but I have no idea what the other source is. 

Hello Neil, note that in the “Select contact” window you’re viewing all your contacts collected from all your contact folders, can you please make sure the contacts aren’t in any of the additional folders? Try to select all your contact folders in the left pane of the main application window by holding shift or ctrl to select multiple labels/folders in the pane and check if the view will be more accurate to what you’re seeing.

If you select “Personal” in the Contact select box in the “Select contact” window you should also be seeing only the content of this label.


Paul, thanks. Only one of the three email accounts has any significant number of contacts. The other two have only a few contacts associated.

I have no contacts in the Personal category in my primary (gmail) account - they’re almost all in My Contacts (a GMail consequence?). If I choose contacts only from my primary email account in the dropdown in the Select contact window, then yes I see the same list of contacts as in the main application window. If I choose any other, then I see next-to-no contacts, as expected. If I choose All Contacts, then the list is duplicated. So the question is, where are the duplicate entries coming from?