Contacts Problem with Forwarded Emails

When I forward an email and select either To: - CC: or BCC to input the contacts, I get a window opening with some of the contacts showing multiple times.

Does anybody know or can suggest what is happening. My contacts are imported when I setup a new account. I have deleted my account and then made a new account, but the issue keeps on happening.


As you start typing in the name or address, suggestions are offered from both your contacts and the recipients history (that is collected from all previous messages you have sent).

You can disable or edit the recipients history in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your response.
I don’t type the name and address into the headings To: - CC: or BCC, I just click whichever one I want to use and a window appears with all my contacts in it. Like in the picture below, I have deleted the contacts surnames and email addresses, (the names with red blotches are single entries):

It looks like EM Client has detected both my email contacts and my Samsung Cell Phone Contacts, I don’t know how it did that but that is what it looks like going by the information in the contacts that have been doubled up.

Oh OK. You get this when you click on the To: word and it opens the contacts list. These are actual contacts, not suggestions from the recipients history.

If the contacts are listed there twice, then you may have the same account setup twice in eM Client. Or, you have the Google Contacts from the phone synced through your Gmail account in eM Client, and you have also imported the contacts into eM Client Local Folders. Or something like that.

Click the contacts folder selector, and see if there is more than one folder with the same contacts. When you click a folder here, it will display only the contacts in that folder:

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Thank you Gary, that did the trick.
I had 2 x Gmail accounts and EM Client had imported the contacts list of both addresses.