contacts private flag

When filling in the information for a contact, I see there is a box in the bottom right corner that says, “Flags” and there is a box to check private. What does this do? I would like to have the ability to need a password to see private contacts, but it doesn’t look like this is what the flag does. So what is it for?

Hello Jean,
this flag is to make your contact private when you share this contact folder with other users on your server.
The option to make just some contacts private in eM Client is not possible.
You can only add password to the whole eM Client database and you’d need it each time to open eM Client.
This setting is found in Tools>Settings>General>Password protection. (Just mind that this password is stored locally and we cannot restore it for you in case you forget it)


That’s disappointing.  It would be nice to have certain contacts private in case anyone picks up my phone.