Contacts' primary e-mail addresses not suggested first

When contact e-mail addresses are suggested in the e-mail editor, each contact’s addresses appear to be sorted alphabetically. This is inconvenient, because every time I want to e-mail a recipient who has multiple addresses, I have to use the arrow keys/mouse to select the primary e-mail address, which appears a few items down in the list.

I think the primary e-mail address of each contact should appear first.

That sounds reasonable - we will try to implement it in the shortest possible time.

Hi George - that would indeed have been reasonable, but three years on, you still haven’t done it? We’re evaluating alternative e-mail clients to replace the use of Windows Live Mail (because MS have inexplicably decided to scrap it) and up to now, eM Client is coming out of our testing head-and-shoulders above all other clients that we’ve looked at (which is surely just about all that there are out there). However, most other clients we’ve evaluated are free, whereas yours is… well, relatively a bit more expensive! Not that we mind paying for a good quality product, you understand, but we do expect that, if you’re charging the sort of prices that you are, then support and developmental responsiveness especially to bug reports) really do need to be superior.

I’d also like to mention a related couple of points on this issue:

  1. When selecting addresses to add to a distribution list, ONLY the primary address is selectable for each contact.

  2. It seems that thae multiple addresses for each contact are being stored in a flat-file format, hence it’s limited to a maximum of five addresses per user. Also, “Home” and “Work” should be categories of address, not address titles. (e.g. we have examples of contacts who have more than one work email address). We’re wanting to see this aspect handled just as it is in the Mac/iOS Address Book, with which we’re sure you’re familiar!

Of course, it may well be that you’ve already addressed these points in the new version 7 and if so, that will be great!

Hi Nigel,
sorry for the delayed reply, we’re glad you like eM Client.
As for the original idea in this thread, sometimes certain features are declined or postponed, either due to bigger number of users being opposed to this option or implementing of a different feature taking the priority. I was unfortunately not able to track down the reason why this feature has been declined. This, however, does not mean that it won’t be changed in the future.

As for your concerns, the number of email addresses for a contact is no longer limited in version 7 and you can use whatever address title you need for each one.

The fact that only Primary/Main address can be selected for a distribution list is working as designed, but adding an option to choose a different one seems reasonable and I’ll add it to the list of features to possibly improve so that our developers could consider it for future updates.


I have contacts with multiple email addresses and would like to designate one specific email address to be used in a distribution list.

Has this been implemented yet? I can’t find it.

The first/primary address is going to be used in Distribution lists if you just drag or insert the existing contact in it.
But you can also add email address directly, it does not need to be from existing Contacts.

Thanks so much! It seems adding a contact somehow doesn’t work with gmail, but I can create a new contact there and then add it to the list.