contacts not syncing to

Anyone know how to make changes to a contact from EMC … where the change will get reflected on your same contact within your same email account at

That depends where you saved the contacts in eM Client. Contacts saved in Local Folders will not sync with the server. Make sure when you save a contact, you choose the online contact folder.

In this screenshot, local folders are selected.

Thanks but I made changes to a contact that I already have [both in EMC & in my hotmail email folder on; i.e., the changes I made at EMC were saved to the server folder [not the local folder] but the changes are not being picked up by the server.  Any other ideas?

I have found that configuring the account as Exchange works better than using the Automatic Setup in eM Client. That is because it uses EWS to sync the contacts and calendar rather than EAS.

That sounds worth trying.  Is it EZ to tell me how to do that?  My account settings dialog box only seems to have check-boxes for IMAP, SMTP & AirDrop.  And what do EWS and EAS stand for?  Thanks again.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and remove the existing account. Then add a new account and choose Mail > Exchange.

Then just follow the setup.

EWS is Exchange Web Services, which is an application interface used to connect an email client with an Exchange server to sync messages, contacts and calendars.

EAS is Exchange ActiveSync, aka AirSync, which is an XML protocol used for the same purpose as EWS, but designed specifically for mobile devices. is an Exchange server.

Great, thanks for the additional info.  Do you know of a way to save all of my local customization settings in EMC up front, before I remove my account and re-add it as an Exchange account?

I have customized fonts, quick texts, signatures, columns per folder view, shortcuts per folder view, etc.  If the account re-configuration loses all of that, I’ll lose several hours to re-create it all again.

Thanks again.

Most of your settings will not be lost by removing an account, but you can add the new account before removing the old one just to be sure.

Items like column customization you can copy from the old to the new. To do that right-click on the column header for each folder that you have customized, and choose Apply column configuration to other folders.

Fonts, quick texts, etc will still be there. Signatures and Templates will still be there, you will just need to assign them to the new account if you want them to be added automatically.

When you are satisfied, you can remove the old account. If in doubt, make a backup before you start, then you will always have something to fall back on.

Backed up the current account then tried to add the same email as an Exchange format but EMC stopped the process with this error message below.  All the info I inputted is exactly what works on the current account and via web-mail and via Android-access.  Any ideas?  
Thanks again.

Username should be your email address.

I think that the dialogue should say username not user name. :slight_smile:

yeah, they should eliminate that middle field since it’s a duplicate to the email address field just above it.

But after inputting my email on both fields, it did allow me to add an Exchange version of my email account.  Then after giving it time to sync, I looked to see if changes made to a contact via EMC were finally reflected on the server.  Nope.  So I checked all the boxes for all contacts to sync, then it created two entries for each contact [per image below] and somehow deleted my recent changes made to a contact in EMC through the non-Exchange format.

So, unless I’m missing something, this test has indicated that even setup as Exchange, revisions to a contact via EMC will not sync to the server.  Thus, I’ll have to use the web-mail for contacts and EMC just for mail & calendar.  Unless you have another idea?

Any thoughts on how to get my contacts back to one entry each?

It does happen that an Exchange user can have a different email address and username, so that is why there are two fields. I wrote to eM Client this morning and asked that it should be more clear and that “User name” is misleading.

There are two entries for each contact because the account is setup twice in eM Client. Once as … and once as Hotmail via Exchange. You will need to remove one of them.

In my own test, the changes synced just fine using Exchange. Maybe someone else can offer some suggestion.