Contacts not syncing properly with

2nd issue (this started before the other one, BTW):

Again: EM Client version 7.1.33101.0, paid version.

I have my contacts sync to EM Client.
I used the interface to edit some folks email addresses (there’s still only ONE email address, I just changed it).  Several days later (I use EM Client every day) I noticed that the contacts still had the old email (in EM Client only).

Further, I used EM Client to edit a Group I had in and removed two members.  That change did not flow to either.

I made sure that I am not looking or changing the “local folders” contacts either.

I did see a similar question earlier, that unfortunately didn’t seem to have a resolution either.

I am setup using Exchange Web Services, BTW.
I do have the checkbox for:
Offline Address Book (in the Account settings -> Services) IS CHECKED.

In your other question, you said you were using ActiveSync. Here you are describing EWS. Did you remove the IMAP setup and add the account as Exchange?

Hi Gary,
Sorry about that.  Yes, when I first setup the account, I set it up as EWS “Exchange” server, so that it would sync on multiple computers if I needed to (vs. IMAP).

Both IMAP and EWS will sync across multiple devices. I asked because sometimes there is some issue with the IMAP setup for, and you get better results using EWS.

I am not sure what a group is in Is that a distribution list or a category?

As a Pro License user, you may want to open a support ticket with eM Client.


Several of us have posted about this issue with a little variation but basically the issues you have described. Do a search and you see how long this has been going on.

So I don’t have to repeat the advice search on my recent posts. I check in here every once in a while just to see if anything has been fixed on the issue but as I can see there hasn’t been any progress.