Contacts not appearing in Chat

My company uses Google Chat for instant messaging.  So the chat feature in eM-Client is a big deal for us.  Unfortunately, we’re having problems with it.  First off, when I go into chat, right click and select Add Contact - I add it using the proper service selected and correct email - and it never appears in the list (yes they are online).  Not only that, but we have not been able to figure out how to start a conversation with them!  If they message us, it brings up the chat window - great - but when it gets closed - still the contact doesn’t appear in the list.  

I have tried adding contacts, from chat, and from the contacts module in the navbar docked left.  When creating a contact it has a property for IM handle and that is correct, but again, it never appears.  While I am suspecting that Google has 2 contact data stores, it also provides seamless integration so the user never really knows it.  You click Add New Conversation, put the email addr in, and bang it’s done.  eM-Client, so far, it is stumping (and frustrating) us.  This should be a fairly straight-forward feature, and if it too is keeping separate contacts - WHY?  WHY not make them GLOBAL - and if you don’t want to do that internally, at least make it appear to us users as if it is.  Because there is absolutely NO need nor ANY benefit to having me fumbling around half the afternoon trying to add a contact to chat!  

I hope someone on the inside is listening… And I hope I have been mistaken and missing something obvious!

Are you using chat or hangouts?  eM Client does not support hangouts.  I personally never use their chat feature.  I find it cumbersome and their are chat clients out there (even for Hangouts) that are far better.

I’m such a dinosaur!  I have no idea which - I thought chat turned into hangouts!  All I know is when using the GMail web app, we can create a “conversation”(it doesn’t say chat OR hangouts) and use IM.  And in emc I can do the same thing, with the exception of the problems I found.  

I have been thinking I may have to find a separate app - disappointing tho - and hoping I can find a workaround.  The rest of the chat feature is usable, basic and simple, but usable.

I often ponder why email, IM, texting - etc - can’t be unified.  It can, but selling separate apps is more profit.

Kinda wishing I could delete my original post! LOL
I figured out the issue… First, the very short time span until Google Chat/Talk/Messenger/Whatever sets people Away very quickly… and Second, the default settings for EMC Chat only show users who are online!  This seems to be a global setting - and I’m scratching my head wondering why it is not scoped to the “Group” (which I have yet to figure out how to create!  I’m stuck with the stupid default, so I’ve hid it).

SO - my original post was me not being thorough enough with my testing.