Contacts not adding

So I’ve manually added 7 new contacts via Contact > +New.   When I go to compose a new email, they all pop up as they should as I type out the names.  And when I got to Menu > Tools > Contacts, they all show up on that window too.

However, on the very main tab on the left column of this software itself, absolutely nothing shows…not even a menu above. Here’s a screenshot. How do I fix this huge problem?

Hello David,

Thank you for posting a screenshot. Could you please turn on your local folders in Menu ->Tools -> Settings -> General - check the option ‘Show Local folders’?

Thank you,

Oh wow. That did the trick! Thank you.  Are there plans on removing that requirement in future updates?  I never understood the purpose “Local Folders”, even in Outlook. Just takes up screen real estate with seemingly no use. At least for none of the businesses I’ve operated.