Contacts missing

All my contacts appear if I use CTRL B. But in the contacts tab (Mail, Contacts, Tasks, Notes etc) the Contacts tab brings up an empty screen.

Am I doing something wrong, have I failed to recreate them when upgrading from version 7 to 8? Help, please.

In settings, General > general > do you have “Show Local folders” checked?

Thanks for the quick response: no, I didn’t. I do now and that’s solved it. I had unchecked the option to avoid showing them under ‘Mail’. Is there a way of saving contacts to a different folder, please?

Glad to hear that resolved your issue. As for your follow-up question, I will leave that for one of the other volunteers to answer since I never pursued changing the folder.

If you have setup an email account with a provider like Gmail, it will have automatically added your Google Contacts. By default it should save new ones there, but you can always select the location if you want to save them elsewhere.

If you have more than one email account, and they each have their own online contacts, you can specify for each account where to save them. You may want to always save them in Local Folders, or you may want to save the contacts on the Google server.

You can do that in each account settings.

Thank you, Gary. I imagine that saving them with my username also saves them on the remote server if I’m using IMAP. I’ll experiement with showing or not showing local folders to see if that still affects their visibility, though from the way the hierarchy is shown it looks as if they still need to be shown.