Contacts lists disappear if uncheck all lists then check any list

When I open eM client all my synced contacts that are checked (box has check mark) show in the list.
If I uncheck ALL of the boxes then no list shows as expected.
If I now check ANY box to show that list, then NO list is shown.  No list can be made to display again.
If I exit eM Client then re-open the application, then the lists show again.

This only happens when ALL the check marks are unchecked.  If at least one contact list remains checked (including local contacts) then the ‘feature’ does not show it’s ugly face.

This seems to be a BUG, is not very critical but should be addressed if most folks see the ‘feature’
If you also see the ‘feature’ select the me too option plese. 

One thing to check is that you are using the latest version of eM Client available to download from the Release History

You did not mention which contact provider and protocol you are using to sync your contacts, Dennis. Would be interesting to know because I cannot recreate it with my GMX CardDAV account.

Thanks for the reply.
I Have most recent release.
The contacts I have synced are gmail and outlook
I have NO local contacts at this time - that may  make a difference??