contacts list problem

I need help understanding how CONTACTS works. In some cases I can email someone and in typing part of their name, the  full address pops up yet they are not in  my contacts list. Is there a temporary cache that retains names? In many cases, I did not delete the entry.

On the flip side, sometimes when I change someone’s email address, thus removing the old one, when I sent them a new email, I end up using the old address that was deleted or changed.

My CONTACTS (card) is synced with iCloud which does agree with eMClient’s CONTACTS list.

Thanks for explaining how this works. Using eMC 6.0.24316.0

Hello Eric,
I am very sorry for overlooking this post and reacting so late.

There is a setting in Tools>Settings>Mail>Compose under Recipients History section, where you can choose to ‘Store composed mail recipients for suggestion’. This feature can be disabled or you can Clear the list here as well, if you are being offered addresses you will never use again.

As for the deleted or changed addresses, that sounds like a possible bug, try resynchronizing when you make a change to the contact. We’ll try to look into this and see why it could be happening.


ok, thank you. did not know about that setting. will play with that.