Contacts Issue

Is there a way to list just the contact as their name instead of name and email address? I have noticed that no matter what I do I have set my contacts up and when I go to forward an email and I choose the first letter of the contact I want, it comes up as the email address and then the email address again. Or sometimes the name of the contact and then the email address. Thanks

there is no such way currently. Can you please explain why does it get you into discomfort? There is a name already and in addition there is an email address behind it.

well the issue is stemming from the fact that its not consistent behavior. for instance…I could have a contact setup for my sister named Robin followed by her email address. When i send an email to my sister as i said it’s not consistant so sometimes it shows her name and sometimes it shows her email address only.


I don’t think it would be enough to display the name only. A lot of people have more email addresses for distinct purposes (personal, for business staff, address of organization member…), so without address column you wouldn’t be able to choose between them.

The reason you sometimes see the address only is, that there is a list of recently used addresses and in your case it probably contains both the email address only and email address with a name. As you use the addresses their priorities are changed and therefore you sometimes see the name and sometimes you don’t.

The email suggestion feature will be improved in the future so the corresponding names will be found and displayed next to the addresses. If you want to solve the issue faster, you can remove the contact without name from the suggestion list. It can be achieved by pressing the red cross next to the contact.