Contacts Display As Field

“Display As” field not showing when setting up a new client.

Some of my imported contacts from MS Outlook do not show “display as”

How to fix this issue?

This is called File As. You will find it on the Details tab for the contact.

I don’t believe Gary’s answer is 100% correct. There are two different fields.

File As is how it’s filed in my Contacts list. And shows up in an email.
Display As is how it shows up in an email I send. It overrides the File As when sending an email.

Often I will have the full name of a person or couple in the File As, but I want just they’re first names (or a nickname) in an email, so I will put that in the Display As field.

You get to the Display As field by right clicking on the email field in Contacts - Overview tab and selecting Show Display As from the popup menu.