CONTACTS DISAPPEARED from the contacts section but somehow still present

  • All my contacts have disappeared from the contacts section on the bottom left: it says that there are no elements in that folder, but in fact there is no way to select another folder. 
  • All the contacts were there until yesterday evening after I disinstalled and reinstalled the program, all the accounts and imported my contacts (almost 1,000!).
  • The “strange” thing is that if I click on “menu>tools>contacts” I can see in a small window the contacts (in an uncomfortable non-alphabetical order) under a folder (the only one) called “all contacts”, but these is no way to display these contacts in the contacts section on the bottom left.
  • Can anyone give any suggestion to solve this?
  • I feel sorry because I like very much EM CLIENT (I only find that the menu bar could be richerly implemented), but this problem with contacts is  downgrading the quality of the program.

For those who have the same problem, I managed to find a solution:

Go to tools > settings > general, and then check the “show local folders” option. 

All contacts have appeared again in the contacts section on the bottom left.

Hello Stefania,
what mail account do you have set up? Is it Gmail/Microsoft/other?
Can you screenshot what the main Contacts section looks like? I am a bit confused from your description.
Are there any error/synchronization error messages in Menu>Tools>Operations window?


Thank you Olivia for your message. In fact I found a solution on my own as above!

Have a good day

Hello Stefania,
great, I should have sent my reply around the same time as you shared your solution :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing it with the community.


I hope this solution will be of help for others with the same problem.