Contacts -- column configuration problem

(eM Client version 7.0.27943.0)

In an attempt to clean up the mess of contacts that I had immediately after program setup, I exported all contacts to a CSV file. To my surprise, only full name, file-as name, and email address were exported. But that’s all I was given to work with. I will have to manually restore street addresses and phone numbers for those contacts that had them.

I painstakingly cleaned up the addresses in the CSV file, then removed all contacts from the program, then re-imported contacts from the CSV file with these fields in this order:

Full name, File as, Email

Then I realized that eM Client does not permit alphabetizing by “Full name”. That is, clicking the column headers does not change which column is “prioritized,” as happens in most programs. It only alphabetizes by “File as”. So I entered the Column Configuration dialog box and changed the order of headers so that “File as” came first (I placed it at the top of the list).

But when I closed the dialog, the column configuration had not changed and it won’t change no matter how many times I do this, or if I do it by first removing all columns, then adding them back in the desired order.

Why won’t it change the column configuration? Do I have to delete all contacts, revise the .CSV file so that “File as” appears as the first column, and then re-import?

Hello Mike,
no contacts need to be removed to change columns configuration. Have you tried dragging the ‘File as’ column to the front?
I am unfortunately not able to replicate your issue, could you please provide more information? Whcih view are you using? Are the contacts under a certain account?



Re: \> Whcih view are you using? Are the contacts under a certain account?

Dragging the File as column within the Select Contact dialog did change the column configuration and changed its display within the Columns dialog.

But making the change in Columns  (by shifting a column upward or downward within the right-hand scrolling list) doesn’t change the column configuration, and the change within that dialog doesn’t “stick” when the dialog is closed in a way that should save changes. The next time I open the dialog, the configuration hasn’t changed after all.

When you say “which view” — what kind of view do you mean? (Something that is controlled in a menu? I’m using the Red Theme, if that matters. I modified it by increasing the size of the scroll bars.)

The contacts were imported into xxxx (“at”) (where “xxxx” is my login name on Gmail).