Contacts are not syncing properly

I’m using eM Client 5.0 and there’s a problem with Contacts.

In my two Gmail accounts I have over 200 contacts - some organised, some just e-mail addresses. Problem is that I can’t see all of them in my eM Client. It doesn’t really matter how much I refresh, they are just not there. Also, when I create a contact in eM Client, I can’t see it in Gmail.

Since I’d like to sync my contacts through Gmail to differetnt devices it’s not an acceptable behaviour.


please check folder “My Contacs”.

When you are creating new contact, put it in folder mentioned above “My contacts” and be aware of that eM Client’s default contact folder is shown on Gmail as “Other”.



Yep, that problem is solved now. But there are still some contacts in my Gmail that doesn’t appear in my eM Client.


can you please attach here screenshot of both Google webmail contact folder and eM client folder without some of your contacts?