Contacts again...

Because you cloed this thread:…

Al users have been asking is a way to automate the ‘My Contacts’. And BTW, automatically adding a contact to ‘My Contacts’ would replicate Google’s own behavior when adding contacts. 

Hello Adam, as I suggested under that topic, this is currently not possible. It is not possible to automatically add categories to contacts, this would cause confusion. As I suggested earlier, labels or categories must be added manually. Adding a random label is not possible, note each user can use a different set of labels and not necessarily “My Contacts”, that’s why My contacts can’t be just automatically assigned.


‘My Contacts’ is what Google a) automatically adds when you create a contact from the web interface and b) nis required to sync to Android phones. 

I know it’s been requested, to just add a checkbox to the setting to toggle automatically add to ‘My Contacts’ or to let us select a default category, instead of defaulting to ‘none’. 

I think your product is great, and I was considering purchasing the Pro version, but that is a show stopper.