Contact Webpage access will not work.

I see that this has been a problem for several years. Is there any chance this will be fixed. I just moved from Outlook and use this feature every day. Saves me a lot of time.

Hello Aleta,

Could you please describe what you’re looking for in more detail? Is this a problem in webmail or in eM Client?

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In Outlook you just have to select the web page and it opens the browser and takes you right there. With eM you have to copy and paste the web page in your browser. So you have to copy it then open browser and paste it.

Hello Aleta,

Could we please ask why do you want to access the contacts through your browser? There’s the Contacts tab in the left pane that you can use to edit them.


I do use the Contacts tab. I keep a lot of detail information in my contacts so it is much easier to open a particular contact for information and then click on their web site address to go there. Otherwise I would have to add each contact’s website to my favorites, go to the website and then open the contact for additional information. I did notice while reading past postings that in your last reply to Reiner Roybal posting 2 years ago you said “Hello Robert, we’re working on improving this in future releases of eM Client, sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware of this missing feature.” Thank you for looking into this again.

Hello Aleta,

I apologize for misunderstanding your question, I didn’t realize you meant links in the Contact Details. Yes, we understand the inconvenience and we’re sorry that this feature is not available yet, it is planned by all means.

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I am using Emclient version 7, and now I would need this function. Still not there. What about in 8?

It was definitely fixed in version 7, and works as expected in version 8.

When I open a contact inside Emclient and contact has a webpage, there is in no way that I can just click on that url and I am redirected to web browser and web page. Am I missing something? I am on a version 7.2.

I can’t recall in which version it was fixed, or if it was fixed in one version 7 and then later broken.

But in the latest version available in the Release History it is working.

Also, be aware that there is a difference between viewing a contact and editing a contact.

When viewing a contact in People of Business Card view, for example, you can click on the web page link and it will open your web browser to that page.

But when editing the contact, there is no option to view the page by clicking on it.

This is what I was thinking also. The only problem is when I view People in Business Card view, web page is not displayed. Also not in a side bar.

Could it be a problem with the URL?

Does it work if you create a new contact, then add in a simple url like

Looks like version 7 doesn’t have People view …

Yes, People view was introduced in version 8.

Thank you :slight_smile: