Contact Sync Problem

contact synchronize with google contact problem

  • Sometimes it creates another “My Contacts” —>
  • Sometimes it uncategorized some contacts and I lost some of its details
  • Everytime asked to “overwrite local” or “overwrite remote” I lost all details of that particular contact and left me only name, I lost dozen of 6 years contacts for that… tragic :frowning:

P.S. I use “windows 7 64x”, “Google Apps” , and “windows mobile with sync”

What version of eM Client do you use? We recommend to update to most recent version.
You can restore your contacts if you log to gmail by web, then go to your contacts and click to More->Restore contacts…

I think it’s the latest version since I just downloaded it yesterday. It’s 3.5 something.

Thanks for replying, Restore contacts saves me :slight_smile:

EM Client has some problem with its localization with Google, particular if you use Mobile Sync such as Nokia MFE using exchange protocol. Sync Google Contact to eM is not recommended at the moment if you are using mobile sync.

that’s reasonable. i’ll catch up for more updates, thank you

And be sure to use the latest ver 3.5:…

Earlier 3.5 would cause some serious issue with Google Contact, even if the contact service is disabled. Google’s exchange protocol itself is buggy as well this has being raised as an issue at Google Groups, that includes the immature SyncML. We need to wait for both side, though Google’s one would be tough, as the exchange issue has been there since 2 years ago.