Contact Search is not working all the time

I have all my contact’s synced fine from Google. Some contacts are not found by search. Example: Contact name “Joe Mueller”, if I search for “joe” it finds him if I search for “mue” I get nothing. So I have some search options set wrong?

This problem has been already reported to us and we are working on a fix - it should be available in the next update.

Is there a timeline on when this update be released? I have the same issues with search.

same problem here.

Email me at - I will send you our internal version containing the fix.

sending an internal version won’t help much, because if its based on most recent official release it will break things, as your still working on the problem with calendar and contacts not working due to extranous period in url, and the release prior to the latest official release works but the latest official release does not.

What would be helpful is to just fix both problems, and have it in the next official release and let us know when that is out.

It should contain all the fixes which was made until the date of release. Could you please specify the problem with the period in URL?

this is amazing, feel like were dealing with children, let me see, you have already been provided screen shot of packet analyzer and detail of the problem,

But I will restate, the latest release introduced an extranous period, after the domain in the url sent during caldav/cardav transactions. It causes cardav/caldav to fail with some servers.

Let me make it clear, fixes for the other problems are useless if the caldav/cardav problem is not fixed.

Oh, thank you - I am dealing with hundreds of similar issues each day and cannot remember everything. I will ask our developers and will let you know if it has been fixed.