Contact notes not updating - Cal/Dav

I’m setup to sync my Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with eMclient on Win10 Pro and a couple of apps on Android, all locally over WiFi, no cloud involved. The sync is done running Radicale via a python script on Win10.

It mainly works fine but more than occasionally if I update notes on the Android they do not appear in eMclient. Other fields sync fine.

I have for instance just added a note on my nephew’s details, and they show in the vcf file in:
Server location: fa6c2e17-f2cd-8bb0-aecb-ab76f927e8db

but they do not show in eMclient.

I have this issue from time to time with amending (not creating) an calendar or task item on the Android and have to discipline myself to remember to make eMclient the “master”.

I’ve tried the Repair option to no avail.

How can I resolve this? I end up losing the Android amendments otherwise.