Contact management using Rules?

How do you delete very large numbers of contacts in an existing rule besides doing it one by one, you cannot select multiple contacts? I have over 1000 contacts and this is too time consuming. I even tried unchecking the condition hoping this would delete all of them but upon rechecking the condition all the original contacts showed up again.

Thank you.

you can select multiple contacts by using shift or ctrl button, if you want to delete all the contacts in certain folder you can also use the ctrl+a shortcut to select all of them.

Is this a good answer to your question?
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I’m sorry but you do not understand the question I am asking.
I know how to select multiple items, what I am saying is you cannot select multiple contact items when wanting to delete. How do you select multiple contacts in the “addresses list” below…it only allows one delete at a time.
Please look at the attached photo

Sorry I didn’t catch that it’s in the Rule settings.

Unfortunately you’re right there’s no possibility how to remove multiple contacts from this windows, if you’d like to see this feature please make an “Idea” topic and let other users vote on it and we might add the feature in future releases.

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If that’s the case I tried another option.
When I try unchecking the condition for the rule [that allows contacts to be added] I hoped this would delete all of the contacts so upon rechecking the condition I would be able to reselect from the contact book what contacts I wanted but instead all the original contacts show up again for that condition.
Why is this happening?

I think I may have to delete the entire rule and start from scratch.
All I want to do is update the rule as new contacts are added to my contact book. What do you think?

Thank you for your reply.…

if you try to update the Rule and then update it to it’s previous settings it keeps the information stored so yes this is the correct and actual behavior.

As you mentioned you need to either delete all the contacts or make the rule from scratch.

I’m sorry if this is troubling you,

Thank you for the confirmation.